Meet the Team

Inside the walls of b.jones Organic Spa is a team of highly-skilled, competent and progressive individuals. With strengths including Medical Massage, Cupping and Reiki, the b.jones team brings their best to help you feel your best at every stage of life.



Irene Leavy


Seasoned in the industry and passionate about the art of healing, Irene Leavy is the backbone of b.jones Organic Spa. She applies her years of knowledge to each facial, Reiki session or massage that she does tailoring it to the individual needs of each client. Her genuine care for her clients and her community radiates - it has created a tranquil, safe environment where genuine healing and growth take place.

"I just want to help people feel good and be confident in their own skin."




Maria Alvarez


Knowledgeable and nurturing, Maria helps her clients thrive both inside and outside of b.jones Organic Spa. She is certified in a wide range of therapy techniques ranging from Oncology Massage to Lymphatic Drainage. She uses her knowledge to help people find peace even through medical difficulties. Her heartfelt desire is to help others feel relief and confidence while providing a safe space to be both mentally and physically free.

โ€œWhat I love about my career choice is I am able to help others feel good with natural healing while also being able to embrace time with my family.โ€




Michael Franklin


Michael brings a tactful wealth of knowledge and a bright personality to b.jones Organic Spa. With years of a diverse application of therapy techniques, Michael has worked in the fields of physical therapy, chiropractic care and a handful of versatile spas that have contributed to his deep understanding of the body. His unique and comprehensive approach to healing has helped countless people live a more abundant, healthful life.

โ€œMy goal is to have all of our clients leave with their pain relieved as well as to be a resource with a range of services to keep them feeling good.โ€